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Ancient roots of phytohormone signalling

A new study on the plant signaling molecule, auxin, has been published in the prestigious journal Cell. The study was co-authored by Matyáš Fendrych and Shiv Mani Dubey from the Faculty of Science, Charles University.

The plant hormone auxin plays a key role in the formation of individual plant organs, the coordination of growth and fundamentally influences the life cycle of the plant. Auxin is known to  trigger both rapid and slow cellular responses in plants and algae. However, while in plants auxin controls growth and gene expression by a nuclear auxin pathway, this form of signalling is absent in algae. A new study has discovered a rapid proteome-wide phosphorylation response to auxin that occurs  both in land plants and algae. So-called RAF-like protein kinases play a central role in mediating this auxin-triggered phosphorylation, revealing an ancient mechanism for fast auxin responses in the green lineage.

The original study is online here

Shiv Mani Dubey in the lab, photo: Vasyl Brykov


Published: Dec 21, 2023 10:15 AM

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