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Biochemistry of Plants

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Influence of abiotic and biotic forms of stress on plant metabolism

  • Abiotic factors of plant stress
    •  drought, salinity, xenobiotics , high temperature
  • Biotic factors of plant stress
    • viral infections (tobacco mosaic virus, Y potato virus)
  •  Biological plant protection
    • mechanism of action of natural antagonists of harmful organisms
  •  Plant nutrition
    • amino acids, peptides and proteins as an organic nitrogen source
  • Enzyme isolation and enzyme kinetics
    • NADP- malate dehydrogenase (decarboxylation), shikimate dehydrogenase , β- hexosaminidase
  •  Antioxidant capacity
    • antioxidant effects of polyphenolic substances, antioxidant enzymes

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Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Charles University

Hlavova 2030/8, 128 43 Prague 2, 1st floor, door 209

phone: +420 221 951 282

E-mail: helena.ryslava@natur.cuni.cz



Helena Ryšlavá - group leader

Veronika Hýsková - member of the group

Kateřina Bělonožníková - member of the group



Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (2023–2026)

GAUK (2019-2020)

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (2018–2019)

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic (2017–2021)

Modern technologies for identification and optimization of new generation cancer drugs (Charles University, UNCE 204025/2012, 2012–2016)

Innovative voucher (with BARD, sro 2015)




Bělonožníková, K., Sladkovská, E., Kavan, D., Hýsková, V., Hodek, P., Šmíd, D., Ryšlavá, H.: Effect of Agrimonia eupatoria L. and Origanum vulgare L. leaf, flower, stem, and root extracts on the survival of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Molecules 28 (2023), doi: 10.3390/molecules28031019.


Bělonožníková, K., Hýsková, V., Vašková, M., Křížek, T., Čokrtová, K., Vaněk, T., Halířová, L., Chudý, M., Žufic, A, Ryšlavá, H.: Seed Protection of Solanum lycopersicum with Pythium oligandrum against Alternaria brassicicola and Verticillium albo-atrum. Microorganism 10 (2022), doi: 10.3390/microorganisms10071348.

Bělonožníková, K., Hýsková, V., Chmelík, J., Kavan, D, Čeřovská, N., Ryšlavá, H.: Pythium oligandrum in plant protection and growth promotion: Secretion of hydrolytic enzymes, elicitors and tryptamine as auxin precursor. Microbiol. Res. 158 (2022), doi: 10.1016/j.micres.2022.126976


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Hýsková Doubnerová V., Miedzinska L., Dobrá J., Vaňková R., Ryšlavá H.: Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase, NADP-malic enzyme, and pyruvate, phosphate dikinase are involved in the acclimation of Nicotiana tabacum L. to drought stress. J. Plant Physiol., 171, 19-25, (2014).


Institute of Biophysics and CEITEC, Mendel University in Brno 

Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR, vvi

Institute of Microbiology AS CR, vvi and BIOCEV

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR, vv i .

Hasselt University, Faculty of Sciences , Molecular and Physical Plant Physiology , Hasselt, Belgium

National Institute of Biology, Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Teaching  (Department of Biochemistry, PřF UK)

Biochemistry I ( kata) (MC250P40A , summer semester)

Biochemistry II ( kata) (MC250P40B , winter semester)

Biocatalysis (MC250P73, winter semester)

Biochemical Practice (MC250C30, MC25031N, MC25032N, MC250C42N, winter and summer semester)

Plant Biochemistry (MC250P65, summer semester)

Proteins - organic -chemical and biochemical aspects (MC250P28, summer semester)

Introduction to Animal Biology (MC250P46B, summer semester)

Participation in other biochemical lectures

Biochemistry II (MC250P03B, winter semester)

Biochemistry as a theoretical basis of biomedicine (MC250P34, summer semester)



Marie Vašková (Oušková) - Bc. 2019, Mgr. 2022

Ján Račko - Mgr. 2022

Antonyana Račko Žufič - Mgr. 2022

Lucie Halířová - Bc. 2020

Michal Chudý - Bc. 2020

Karolína Hrdinová - Bc. 2019

Anna Haunerová - Bc. 2017

Kateřina Vaverová - Bc. 2017, Mgr. 2019

Kateřina Bělonožníková - Bc. 2014, Mgr. 2016, Ph.D. 2021

Ingrida Šmeringaiová - Mgr. 2014

Vlasta Doričová - Bc. 2012, Mgr. 2014

Alžběta Lengálová - Bc. 2014

Veronika Plisková - Bc. 2011, Mgr. 2013

Michal Tupec - Bc. 2013

Simona Křížová - Bc. 2013

Robert Valenta - Bc. 2010, Mgr. 2013

Sandra Šandová - Bc. 2012

Kateřina Riedlová - Bc. 2012

Jan Kukla - Mgr. 2012

Kateřina Kloudová - Bc. 2010, Mgr. 2012

Květa Garčeková - Bc. 2010, Mgr. 2012

Terezia Kovaľová - Bc. 2010, Mgr. 2012

Martin Fiala - Bc. 2010, Mgr. 2012

Martina Bartošová - Bc. 2012

Kateřina Růžičková - Bc. 2009, Mgr. 2011

Kateřina Minářů - Bc. 2008, Mgr. 2010

Denisa Škrletová - Bc. 2008, Mgr. 2010

Lucia Miedzińska - Bc. 2008, Mgr. 2010

Zdeněk Kukačka - Bc. 2009

Jana Trefancová - Mgr. 2009

Karolína Hájková - Bc. 2009

Veronika Doubnerová - Mgr. 2004, PhD. 2008

Karel Müller - PhD. 2008

Lucie Potůčková - Bc. 2006, Mgr. 2008

Blanka Holakovská - Bc. 2006, Mgr. 2008

Alžběta Kalendová - Bc. 2006, Mgr. 2008

Martin Černý - Mgr. 2007

Anna Hodková - Mgr. 2007

Michaela Šumpelová - Bc. 2007

Přemysl Skočdopol - Bc. 2004, Mgr. 2005

Alena Jirásková - Bc. 2004, Mgr. 2006

Martina Janošková - Mgr. 2005

Gabriela Čalounová - Mgr. 2002

Markéta Janotová - Mgr. 2001

Ondřej Plíhal - Mgr. 2000

Jana Krešlová - Mgr. 1998

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