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Spectrometric analytical methods

Our group is focused on:

Generation of volatile species for needs of atomic spectrometric analytical methods with emphasis on electrochemical and UV-photochemical generation. Using of atomic absorption spectrometers as high selective detectors for chromatographic techniques, especially HPLC, for needs of speciation analysis of selected metals. Analysis of biological materials by atomic spectrometric methods (especially AAS), preconcentration techniques for trace amount of metals – combination of electrolytic in-situ deposition of an analyte with ETA-AAS for analyte separation from a sample matrix.

Study of properties of analytical used chromogenic substances and their complexes using UV/VIS Spectrophotometry. Analytical chemistry of drugs and their metabolites. Using of biologically active supramolecular systems. Photochemistry of dyes. Proposing of new, especially flow-through methods of determination of various substances and application of these methods in environmental and pharmaceutical analysis.

Development of instrumentation for capillary zone electrophoresis.

Optosensors and mass spectrometry.



  • UV/VIS spectrophotometers (Unicam, UK)
  • diode – array UV/VIS spectrophotometers (Hewlett-Packard, UK; Ocean Optics, USA)
  • equipment for flow-through measurements (Scan plus Unit, Skalar, Netherland)
  • atomic absorption spectrometers: SpectrAA – 300A s GTA 96/97 (Varian, Australia); Solar 939 s GTA 90 (Unicam, UK) and Carl Zeiss AA3 (Jena, Germany)
  • microwave digestion device MDS 2000 (CEM, USA)
  • UHPLC Dionex RS3000


Academic Staff:

  • Doc. RNDr. Petr Rychlovský, CSc., m.č.: 107, E-mail: rychlov@natur.cuni.cz, tel.: 221 951 220
  • Doc. RNDr. Ivan Jelínek, CSc., m.č.: 121, E-mail: ijelinek@natur.cuni.cz, tel.: 221 951 234
  • RNDr. Jakub Hraníček, Ph.D., m.č.: 103, E-mail: hranicek@natur.cuni.cz, tel.: 221 951 232
  • RNDr. Václav Červený, m.č.: 102, E-mail: cerveny2@natur.cuni.cz, tel.: 221 951 233

    Aims of Academic Staff:

    Václav Červený, Ph.D.

    • spectrometric methods, primarily atomic absorption spectrometry
    • speciation analysis of the elements using HPLC combined with electrochemical hydride generation and QF-AAS detection
    • study of possibilities of photochemical generation of volatile compounds and trapping for needs of AAS


    Jakub Hraníček, Ph.D.

    • spectrometric methods, primarily atomic absorption spectrometry
    • electrochemical volatile compounds generation for atomic spectrometric methods, primarily construction of new types of flow-through electrolytical generation cells for volatile compound generation (primarily hydrides)
    • interferent study for determination of hydride-forming elements
    • microwave digestion of clinical and biological samples and inorganic analysis of the elements contained in these samples


    Assoc. Prof. Ivan Jelínek, Ph.D.

    • development of capillary electrophoresis instrumentation
    • drugs and metabolites analysis
    • mass spectrometry
    • optosensors


    Assoc. Prof. Irena Němcová, Ph.D.

    • co-editor of Analytical Letters
    • member of Committee for Pharmacopoeia at Ministry of Health


    Assoc. Prof. Petr Rychlovský, Ph.D. (Head of the Team)

    • spectral methods, primarily atomic absorption spectrometry
    • flow-through methods of analysis (FIA, SIA) of pharmaceutical products with spectrophotometric and spectrofluorimetric detection
    • application of electrodeposition in ET-AAS for preconcentration of the analyte and for its separation from interfering matrix



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