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Aims of Academic Staff
of the Department
of Analytical Chemistry

Electrochemical Analytical Methods:

Prof. Jiří Barek, Ph.D.


Hana Dejmková, Ph.D.

  • carbon paste and composite electrodes
  • electrochemical detectors for HPLC and their modifications
  • determination of pharmaceutically and toxicologically important substances using HPLC with electrochemical detection
  • publication activity


Jan Fischer, Ph.D.

  • solid, paste and composite amalgam electrodes
  • diamond electrodes materials
  • chemical modification of mentioned electrode materials
  • miniaturization of batch and flow-through electrochemical detectors
  • construction of integrated sensors
  • publication activity


Prof. František Opekar, Ph.D.

  • electrochemical detectors of compounds in gaseous and liquid phase
  • chemical sensors based on polymer electrolytes for detection of gaseous compounds
  • publication activity


Assoc. prof. Karolina Schwarzová (Pecková), Ph.D.

  • voltammetric and polarographic determination of trace amounts of organic compounds important biologically, ecologically or toxicologically
  • diamonds electrodes
  • publication activity


Prof.  Vlastimil Vyskočil, Ph.D.

  • screen-printed electrodes based on innovative electrode materials (DLC – diamond like carbon, BDDF – boron doped diamond film, SWCNT, MWCNT, solid or paste amalgam, mercury film, DNA – modified sensors)
  • application of these sensors for batch determination (BIA, FIA, SIA, HPLC)
  • development of methods  for in-situ monitoring of genotoxic and ecotoxic compounds
  • publication activity


Prof. Jiří Zima, Ph.D.

  • polarographic and voltammetric determination of trace amounts of biologically active compounds in biological fluids and environmental samples
  • paste electrodes
  • application of high performance liquid chromatography for determination of biologically active compounds (e.g., carcinogens) in environment, toxicology and pharmacy
  • co-editor of Central European Journal of Chemistry (CEJC)
  • publication activity


Chromatographic Analytical Methods:

Prof. Zuzana Bosáková, Ph.D.


Prof. Pavel Coufal, Ph.D.

  • microseparation methods
  • liquid chromatography
  • capillary electrophoresis – mass spectrometry
  • publication activity


Assoc. prof. Radomír Čabala, Ph.D.

  • derivatization methods for gas chromatography
  • gas and liquid chromatography
  • mass spectrometry
  • publication activity


Petr Kozlík, Ph.D.

  • mass spectrometry
  • mass spectrometry connected to separation techniques (HPLC-MS)
  • characterization of separation systems
  • development and validation of separation methods
  • forced degradation studies and stability testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and dosage forms
  • publication activity


Assoc. prof. Tomáš Křížek, Ph.D.

  • analysis of biological samples using nano-HPLC-MS/MS on chip and capillary electrophoresis
  • development of method for determination of coenzymes in plant extracts
  • development of electrophoretic determination of substrates a products of enzymes glycosidase
  • development of contactless conductivity detection methods
  • publication activity


Anna Kubíčková, Ph.D.

  • HPLC separations of ligands for biomedicine application of DOTA derivatives
  • application of new generation columns (e.g. Purospher STAR or ZIC-HILIC columns specially destined for polar substances)
  • development of postcolumn derivatization methods based on forming of complexes
  • publication activity


Assoc. prof. Karel Nesměrák, Ph.D.

  • analytical determination of pharmaceutically and biologically important substances
  • study of relationships between structure and properties of compounds
  • electrochemical and spectrometric methods for study of physical-chemical properties of compounds
  • publication activity


Jana Sobotníková, Ph.D.


  • high performance liquid chromatography, new stationary phases
  • capillary liquid chromatography, capillary monolithic and packing columns for HPLC-MS
  • separation of biologically active peptides
  • publication activity


Spectrometric Analytical Methods:

Václav Červený, Ph.D.

  • spectrometric methods, primarily atomic absorption spectrometry
  • speciation analysis of the elements using HPLC combined with electrochemical hydride generation and QF-AAS detection
  • study of possibilities of photochemical generation of volatile compounds and trapping for needs of AAS or AFS
  • publication activity


Jakub Hraníček, PhD.

  • spectrometric methods, primarily atomic absorption spectrometry
  • electrochemical volatile compounds generation for atomic spectrometric methods, primarily construction of new types of flow-through electrolytical generation cells for volatile compound generation (primarily hydrides)
  • interferent study for determination of hydride-forming elements
  • microwave digestion of clinical and biological samples and inorganic analysis of the elements contained in these samples
  • ERASMUS coordinator for Dept. of Anal. Chem.
  • publication activity


Assoc. Prof. Ivan Jelínek, Ph.D.

  • development of capillary electrophoresis instrumentation
  • drugs and metabolites analysis
  • mass spectrometry
  • optosensors
  • publication activity


Assoc. Prof. Irena Němcová, Ph.D.


Eliška Nováková, Ph.D.

  • spectrometric methods, atomic spectrometry methods
  • speciation analysis of the elements
  • generation of volatile compounds
  • publication activity



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