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Rok 2014/15


Letní semestr 2014/15:

  9. 3. 2015  Prof. Pierre H. Dixneuf,
University of Rennes, Francie
Catalytic C–C bonds from alkynes,
alkenes and C–H bond activation:
New power of Ruthenium in synthesis.
 20. 3. 2015 
  Pá 15:00 
Dr. Graham J. Bodwell,
Memorial University St. John’s, Kanada
Multigram synthesis, properties and chemistry
of [n](2,11)teropyrenophanes – A family of aromatic half-belts.  
 13. 4. 2015  Prof. P. B. Armentrout,
Department of Chemistry, University of Utah
Thermochemistry of Non-Covalent Ion-Molecule Interactions: Environment and Biology PDF
 27. 4. 2015
 15:00 hod.
Prof. Gerhard Erker,
Organisch-Chemisches Institut, Německo
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Frustrated Lewis Pairs: Principles and Some Recent Results PDF
 11. 5. 2015  Prof. Jean-Claude Bünzli,
Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL),
Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering,  
Lausanne, Švýcarsko
The fascination of light: Lanthanide photonics PDF
 18. 5. 2015 

Prof. Tomáš Hudlický,
Brock University, Ontario, Kanada

(k udělení Hanušovy medaile)

Recent progress in chemoenzymatic synthesis
of natural and unnatural products:
Amaryllidaceae and morphine alkaloids, opiate-derived pharmaceutical agents, and other targets of interest
  8. 6. 2015 
 15:00 hod.
Prof. Viktor Krchňak,
University of Notre Dame
a Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci
Expeditious Access to Heterocyclic Diversity on Solid Phase PDF
 19. 6. 2015 
Pá 14:00 CH3
Prof. Taichi Kano,
Department of Chemistry,
Kyoto University, Japan
Asymmetric alfa-Functionalizations of Aldehydes
Catalyzed by Biaryl-based Secondary Amines
  8. 7. 2015 
St 14:00 CH3
Prof. Lothar Helm,
Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL),
Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering,  
Lausanne, Švýcarsko
Rotational diffusion of Gd-chelates
– what happens behind the curtain ?
 17. 9. 2015 
 15:00 hod.
Prof. Bakthan Singaram,
Univerzity of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Indium Mediated Reactions and Their Applications PDF


Zimní semestr 2014/15:

12. 9. 2014  
 Pá 15:00 
Prof. Naoto Chatani,
Department of Applied Chemistry      
Osaka University, Japonsko
C–H Functionalization Utilizing New Chelation System         PDF
 6. 10. 2014 Prof. Koichi Mikani,
Department of Applied Chemistry      
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japonsko
New Frontier in Fluorine Chemistry PDF
18. 11. 2014
Út 12:20 CH3
Dr. Michel Meyer,
Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de l'Université de Bourgogne (ICMUB), Dijon, France
Coordination of heavy d- and f-block cations by microbial and bioinspired iron chelators: What can we learn from speciation and kinetic studies? PDF
24. 11. 2014
 14:00 hod.
Doc. Ján Moncoľ,
Oddelenia anorganickej chémie, Fakulta chemickej a potravinárskej technologie, Slovenská technická universita v Bratislave
Supramolecular frameworks assembled of transition metal complexes with pyridinecarboxamides PDF
 1. 12. 2014 Prof. Carlos Platas-Iglesias,
Departamento de Qumica Fundamental,
Universidade da Coruña, Španělsko
Combined NMR and DFT Approaches to Investigate the Solution Structure of Metal Complexes PDF
 8. 12. 2014 Prof. Dr.Arne Thomas,
Department of Chemistry, Functional Materials,  
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Functional Microporous Organic Networks
for Catalysis and Energy Applications
 26. 1. 2015
 14:50 hod.
Prof. Herbert Mayr,
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
A Quantitative Approach to Polar Organic Reactivity PDF



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