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Rok 2012/13


Letní semestr 2012/13:

15. 4. 2013 Prof. Marko Hapke,
Leibnitz Institute für Catalyse, Rostock, Německo  
Photochemical Facets in the Synthesis and Catalysis of Co(I)-complexes   PDF
22. 4. 2013 Prof. Heinrich Lang,
Chemnitz University of Technology, Německo
New Materials and Chemistry: Small Molecules – Great Progress PDF
29. 4. 2013 Prof. Frank Rösch,
University of Mainz, Německo
In vivo veritas: The Hevesy principle applied to radiopharmaceutical chemistry and molecular imaging PDF
 6. 5. 2013 Prof. Dušan Velič,
Komenského Univerzita Bratislava
Towards 4D Characterization: 1D Time Resolved Femtosecond Spectroscopy and 3D Spatial Nanometer Spectrometry PDF
13. 5. 2013 Prof. Martin Hof,
Ústav fyzikální chemie J. Heyrovského AV ČR
Lipid hydration, mobility, and aggregation in model membranes characterized by fluorescence techniques PDF
20. 5. 2013 Prof. Jerome Lacour,
University of Geneva, Švýcarsko
Stereoselective Synthesis & Catalysis with Helicenes and Metal Carbenes PDF
15. 7. 2013
v CH5 !
Prof. Zuowei XIE,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Čína
Reactivity of Non-Traditional Metal-Carbon Bonds: Functionalization of Carboranes PDF


Zimní semestr 2012/13:

 5. 11. 2012 Prof. M. Costas Selective Oxidation with Non Porphyrinic Fe and Mn Complexes that Support High Oxidation States   PDF
26. 11. 2012 Prof. U. Siemeling   Workhorses Taking Off: Unexpected and Unrecognised Chemistry of Diaminocarbenes PDF
 3. 12. 2012 Prof. O. Wolfbeis Novel Materials for Use in Optical Sensors and Biosensors PDF


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