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Structural biochemistry
and cell signaling

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Laboratory of Structural Biology and Cell Signaling consists of a multidisciplinary team whose thematic focus is divided into two main directions. Structural biology group produces proteins by recombinant expression technologies and characterizes the protein or protein-ligand structures and their dynamics utilizing advanced mass spectrometric techniques. Cell signaling unit examines the linkages of cellular signaling to the metabolism of cancer cells using molecular biology and biochemistry methods. Through the collaboration of the two groups a unique research platform is formed, wherein the results obtained by the study of biological systems can also be verified and explained at the molecular level.

More information available at the laboratory website.



Structural mass spectrometry

  – Method development

    – Novel covalent labeling and cross-linking chemistry of proteins /nucleic acids

    – Acid proteases as a tool for protein digestion

    – Automation of HDX-MS and CX-MS workflow including software design

  – Application to selected medicinally or biotechnologically important proteins with special focus on membrane proteins, dynamic and heavily modified proteins and their complexes


Ambient ion landing protein immobilization

  – Surface Immuno-affinity substrates for clinical diagnostics

  – Biochemically active plates for desorption mass spectrometry



Institute of Microbiology, CAS, v. v. i, Division BIOCEV

Průmyslová 595

252 50 Vestec

Czech Republic


tel: +420 325 873 610

e-mail: novakpe1@natur.cuni.cz



Petr Novak – head of the group

Petr Man – researcher

Petr Pompach – researcher

Josef Chmelik – researcher

Daniel Kavan – researcher


Teaching (Department of Biochemistry, Charles University)

Biochemické praktikum I – MC250C42N

Biochemické praktikum – MC250C31N

Biochemické praktikum pro CHŽP – MC250C30

Moderní metody výzkumu proteinů – MC250P21

Molekulární biologie a genetika I – MC250P15

Molekulární techniky  – MC250P45

Proteomika a metody studia primární struktury biopolymerů – MC250P60N

Využití počítačů pro prezentace – MC250P07A



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