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On-line webinar “What's new in electroanalytical chemistry?”

Department of Analytical Chemistry (Charles University, Faculty of Science) and Institute of Chemistry (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) invite you for on-line webinar “What's new in electroanalytical chemistry?”. The webinar will occur in the framework of strategic cooperation project between the institutions on wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 10.00 a.m. at meet.google.com/ekw-wuho-ztp

Google Meet for webinar: meet.google.com/ekw-wuho-ztp




Simona Baluchova (Charles University): Porous boron–doped diamond based materials: Influence of the number of deposited layers on (bio)sensing properties


Linoy Dery (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Detection of non– conductive nanoparticles in the gas and liquid phase


Barbora Jiraskova (Charles University): Miniaturization of carbon nanotube flow–through cell


Din Zelikovich (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Shell–matrix interactions in nanoparticles imprinting matrices (NAIMs)


Gajdar Julius (Charles University): Voltammetric determination of  4–nitrophenol in microvolumes using retractable–pen–based renewable silver amalgam film electrode

12:30–13:00 Cofee break



Michal Augustin (Charles University): Comparison of the pyrolytic graphite representatives in a construction of the hybrid electrochemical DNA biosensors for monitoring DNA


Nufar Allouche (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Carbon nanotubes based membrane electrode in a flow–through System for water micropollutants detection


Pavel Dvorak (Charles University): Combination of headspace liquid acceptor system and square–wave voltammetry on screen–printed carbon electrodes


Sofiia Tvorynska (Charles University): Comparison of the covalent glucose oxidase and laccase immobilization at amino– and carboxyl– functionalized powdered supports for optimal preparation of the flow biosensors based on the enzymatic mini–reactors


Prof. RNDr. Jiří Barek, CSc. (President, Division of Analytical Chemistry  , Czech Chemical Society)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Mandler, PhD. (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Institute of Chemistry)


Publikováno: Čtvrtek 12.11.2020 00:00

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