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Genomics - Information delivered through e-mail

E-mail conference on opportunities for students and alumni in genomics, transcriptomics a bioinformatics.

This interdisciplinary e-mail conference (google group) is meant to crosslink students and researchers interested in genomics, transcriptomics a bioinformatics based at different departments and working with different model organisms yet sharing identical conceptual background and related methodology. The conference is free to access also to users from other institutions (i.e. not reserved only for Charles University). Being a member of this group, you will be able to share and receive actual information and offers on mobility, trainings, conferences, Bc/MSc/PhD theses topics, postdoc positions and other job offers shared within the community.

INFO-genomics_bioinformatics is one of the topic e-mail conferences aimed at increasing Charles University student and alumni qualification skills, mobility and employment. 

After subscribing to the conference (google group) you will be receiving actual mobility, training, postdoc and other employment offers as well as other notifications in the field shared by the academic staff and students of Charles University, Faculty of Science.

To receive the information e-mails you can register with any e-mail address at https://groups.google.com/a/natur.cuni.cz/g/info-genomics. However, for better functionality we recommend using google accounts (gmail.com or natur.cuni.cz; this is not obligatory). It is possible to unsubscribe from the conference at any time (Membership Settings and E-mail). Users without google accounts will be added by the administrator (Dr. Michal Vinkler: michal.vinkler@natur.cuni.cz), upon request After subscribing to the google environment the registered users can see the messages sent earlier at the group page.

You can subscribe to the conference as follows:

  • users with google accounts: blue button "Join group", or "Připojit se ke skupině"
  • users without google accounts: "Subscribe to this group", or "Přihlásit se k odběru skupiny"

Sending notifications into the conference 

If you wish to share any conference/mobility/training/thesis/postdoc or other employment offer, please send an e-mail with the offer to:

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