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PhD students

Solver Supervisor Topic
Mgr. Gargoš Ondřej RNDr. Tylová Edita, Ph.D. Regulatory mechanisms of exodermal differentiation under nutrient deficiency
Mgr. Jelínek Pavel RNDr. Fischer Lukáš, Ph.D. Revealing the nature of transcriptional regulation of auxin-autonomous proliferation of plant cells
Meusel Lorena, M.Sc. Mgr. Fendrych Matyáš, Ph.D. Novel molecular players and the evolutionary perspective of the auxin response pathway
Mgr. Skřivánek Jakub Mgr. Kohout Petr, Ph.D. Towards understanding community assembly in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: from structural traits to fundamental and realized niches
Mgr. Ungrová Anna RNDr. Ponert Jan, Ph.D. Ecophysiological adaptations of epiphytic plant roots to photosynthesis
Mgr. Popelářová Anna prof. RNDr. Honys David, Ph.D. Characterization of ALBA family proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
Mgr. Jelínková Barbora RNDr. Schwarzerová Kateřina, Ph.D. ARP2/3 control of regulation of plant cell wall secretion
Mgr. Krupař Pavel Mgr. Fendrych Matyáš, Ph.D. Regulation of longitudinal developmental zonation in Arabidopsis thaliana roots
Kurtović Katarina Mgr. Vosolsobě Stanislav, Ph.D. The role of auxin in Chara braunii
Mgr. Raabe Karel Michailidis Christos, Ph.D. Analysis of plant eIF3 complex and its function in translation regulation in the male gametophyte
Mgr. Kubalová Monika Mgr. Fendrych Matyáš, Ph.D. The role of Arabidopsis thaliana IAA17/AXR3 auxin coreceptor in root growth and gravitropic responses
Mgr. Nedvěd Daniel Ing. Hoyerová Klára, Ph.D. Identification of interactions of auxin and cytokinin supported by mathematical modelling
Torutaeva Elnura prof. RNDr. Honys David, Ph.D. The role of group E/I bZIP transcription factors in plant reproductive development
Mgr. Moravcová Andrea Mgr. Kohout Petr, Ph.D. Effect of climate change on ecosystem processes mediated by plant-fungal interactions in temperate forests
Mgr. Kampová Anna Mgr. Vosolsobě Stanislav, Ph.D. Mechanism of anther dehiscence regulation
Mgr. Kočová Helena doc. RNDr. Cvrčková Fatima, Dr. The role of formins in endomembrane system dynamics in the developing root
Mgr. Škrabálková Eliška Ing. Potocký Martin, Ph.D. The role of anionic phospholipids and phospholipid-modifying enzymes in the regulation of plant cell morphogenesis
Mgr. Schmidt Vojtěch RNDr. Petrášek Jan, Ph.D. Search for the prototypical role of auxin transport in algae
Mgr. Klodová Božena RNDr. Fíla Jan, Ph.D. The functional analysis of the beta subunits of nascent polypeptide associated complex in Arabidopsis thaliana
Mgr. Zounková Andrea RNDr. Mašková Petra, Ph.D. The role of BELL transcription factors in tuber induction of potato (Solanum tuberosum)
Caldarescu George Alexandru, M.Sc. prof. RNDr. Žárský Viktor, CSc. Exocyst a MLO proteins in cell wall modifications.
Pieters Janto, M.Sc. prof. RNDr. Honys David, Ph.D. Pollen tube extracellular proteins and their role in interactions preceeding double fertilization
Mgr. Hromadová Dagmar RNDr. Tylová Edita, Ph.D. Fla arabinogalactan proteins - roles in plant growth and development
Buil Maldonado Paula Alejandra Mgr. Janoušková Martina, Ph.D. Symbiotic functioning of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in arable soils
Dubey Shiv Mani, M.Sc. Mgr. Fendrych Matyáš, Ph.D. Developmental control of cell elongation in the root of Arabidopsis thaliana
Hunt Lena Macrie, M.Sc. prof. RNDr. Albrechtová Jana, Ph.D. Dynamic structural and histochemical changes in barley leaf protective mechanisms under elevated CO2 concentration and higher temperature
Mgr. Kratochvílová Kateřina Mgr. Moravec Tomáš, Ph.D. Mechanism of encapsidation of tobacco mosaic virus RNA in vivo
Aghcheh Kahrizi Zahra prof. RNDr. Honys David, Ph.D. Translation initiation in the male germline of angiosperm plants
Kumar Vinod Hafidh Said Genetic and molecular approach to decipher the gametophytic role of Eukaryotic translation initiation factor (eIF3) subunits 
Mgr. Drs Matěj Pečenková Tamara, CSc. The role of the exocyst subunits EXO70B1 and B2 in plant endomembrane transport
Mgr. Kobercová Eliška RNDr. Fischer Lukáš, Ph.D. Role of chloroplastic glutamine synthetase GS2 in Arabidopsis thaliana
Mgr. Kratochvíl Jan RNDr. Konrádová Hana, Ph.D. Physiological aspects of abiotic stress tolerance in Sorghum bicolor
Mgr. Konečný Jan doc. RNDr. Lipavská Helena, Ph.D. The role of saccharide transport in control of potato tuberization
Mgr. Haluška Samuel prof. RNDr. Žárský Viktor, CSc. Plant exocyst complex functions in moss as compared to Arabidopsis
Mgr. Vlk Lukáš Mgr. Kohout Petr, Ph.D. Role of exotic woody plant species in introductions of non-native symbiontic fungi
Mgr. Martinčová Michaela RNDr. Soukup Aleš, Ph.D. Interactions of AHL genes and their effect on the root system development
Mgr. Šoch Jan RNDr. Ponert Jan, Ph.D. Trehalose utilization in orchids and trehalase gene evolution
Mgr. Náprstková Alena prof. RNDr. Honys David, Ph.D. ALBA proteins in plant reproductive development
Mgr. Metličková Magdalena RNDr. Fischer Lukáš, Ph.D. Epigenetic modifications of chromatin in Arabidopsis thaliana - interactions and localization of transcriptional factor SPT6L
Mgr. Metlička Jáchym RNDr. Hála Michal, Ph.D. Elucidating structure of Exocyst complex and identification of its interacting partners in Arabidopsis thaliana
Mgr. Batystová Klára RNDr. Hála Michal, Ph.D. Factors regulating exocyst complex functions in plants
Mgr. Kollárová Eva doc. RNDr. Cvrčková Fatima, Dr. The role of formins in cytoskeletal dynamics, plant cell morphogenesis and response to pathogen infection 
Mgr. Hamet Jaromír doc. RNDr. Lipavská Helena, Ph.D. The role of saccharide metabolism in abiotic stress tolerance of Fragaria sp. plants
Mgr. Dvořáková Iveta RNDr. Konrádová Hana, Ph.D. Significance of sorbitol metabolism in abiotic stress tolerance acquisition
Stelate Ayoub, M.Sc. RNDr. Petrášek Jan, Ph.D. Cellular determinants of auxin carrier dynamics.
Mgr. Martinek Jan RNDr. Schwarzerová Kateřina, Ph.D. Actin-nucleating factors in plant cells and their crosstalk
Mgr. Neuwirthová Eva prof. RNDr. Albrechtová Jana, Ph.D. Optical properties of the leaf in relation to the anatomical properties of the leaf and its water regime
Mgr. Širl Marek RNDr. Soukup Aleš, Ph.D. Root system and its development with focus on AHL gene family
Mgr. Bauriedlová Zuzana RNDr. Tylová Edita, Ph.D. Molecular mechanisms of exodermis differentiation
Xin Pengfei, M.Sc. RNDr. Soukup Aleš, Ph.D. Root system development and its regulation - searching for new elements 
Ing. Mgr. Pilátová Jana RNDr. Schwarzerová Kateřina, Ph.D. Cell inclusions in microscopic eukaryotes
Mgr. Ing. Baquero Forero Anežka doc. RNDr. Cvrčková Fatima, Dr. Protein-protein interactions of plant formins
Mgr. Šustr Marek RNDr. Tylová Edita, Ph.D. KT/HAK/KUP High-affinity Transporters in Plants
Mgr. Chalupníková Jana Ing. Kumar Jiban, Ph.D. Study of Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV): genetic diversity and functional analysis of plant resistance against the virus
Mgr. Zajícová Iveta RNDr. Schwarzerová Kateřina, Ph.D. Malus - Venturia interaction studies
Mgr. Garcia Gonzalez Judith RNDr. Schwarzerová Kateřina, Ph.D. Expression analysis of ARP2/3 complex proteins 
Ing. Lacek Jozef prof. RNDr. Zažímalová Eva, CSc. Characterization of factors involved in the regulation of intracellular dynamics of selected auxin transporters
RNDr. Knoblochová Tereza doc. RNDr. Vosátka Miroslav, CSc. Interaction of arbuscular and ectomycorrhizal fungi during primary succession
Mgr. Cifrová Petra RNDr. Schwarzerová Kateřina, Ph.D. Plant ARP2/3 complex
Mgr. Duchoslav Miloš RNDr. Fischer Lukáš, Ph.D. Function of PsbO isoforms
Mgr. Kulichová Katarína Hafidh Said What is the fate of long-term stored mRNA in tobacco pollen tubes?

Actual to date 07/01/2022

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