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New paper in Nature Plants

Did you know that plants inherit knowledge where is up and down from mother? Colleagues from our department - Matouš Glanc and Matyáš Fendrych recently published a paper about this topic in Nature Plants.

Mechanistic framework for cell-intrinsic re-establishment of PIN2 polarity after cell division

Matouš Glanc, Matyáš Fendrych, Jiří Friml


Cell polarity, manifested by the localization of proteins to distinct polar plasma membrane domains, is a key prerequisite of multicellular life. In plants, PIN auxin transporters are prominent polarity markers crucial for a plethora of developmental processes. Cell polarity mechanisms in plants are distinct from other eukaryotes and still largely elusive. In particular, how the cell polarities are propagated and maintained following cell division remains unknown. Plant cytokinesis is orchestrated by the cell plate—a transient centrifugally growing endomembrane compartment ultimately forming the cross wall1. Trafficking of polar membrane proteins is typically redirected to the cell plate, and these will consequently have opposite polarity in at least one of the daughter cells2–5.
Here, we provide mechanistic insights into post-cytokinetic re-establishment of cell polarity as manifested by the apical, polar localization of PIN2. We show that the apical domain is defined in a cell-intrinsic manner and that re-establishment
of PIN2 localization to this domain requires de novo protein secretion and endocytosis, but not basal-to-apical transcytosis. Furthermore, we identify a PINOID-related kinase WAG1, which phosphorylates PIN2 in vitro6 and is transcriptionally upregulated specifically in dividing cells, as a crucial regulator of post-cytokinetic PIN2 polarity re-establishment.

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Original paper:

Glanc, M., Fendrych, M., and Friml, J. (2018). Mechanistic framework for cell-intrinsic re-establishment of PIN2 polarity after cell division. Nat. Plants 4, 1082–1088


Published: Dec 07, 2018 11:35 AM

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