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In the area of The Czech and The Slovak Republic, The Department of Experimental Plant Biology at The Faculty of Science in Prague has the longest tradition in its field of study. It is a direct successor of the former Institute of Plant Anatomy and Physiology, established by Professor Němec at the turn of the 20th century. 

Similarly to foreign institutes, The Department has been developing according to the state of plant science in the world. The development of plant science in the whole Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia was strongly influenced by scientists from our department. Since its establishment, the Department was an academic background for many generations of important plant scientists: Prof. S. Prát, Prof. L. Pastýrik, Prof. J. Pazourek, Ass. Prof. Řetovský, Prof. K. Hrubý and many others.

 Department of Experimental Plant Biology

Research and education in plant physiology and anatomy as well as in molecular and cell biology are the main targets of the Department. However, its interests are overlapping with many different fields of study, such as biomedical engineering and ecology. 

The Department keeps pace with the current state of plant science and contributes significantly to its enrichment – dozens of papers are published every year – among others, there are also publications in Nature (Ass. Prof. Zažímalová and Dr. Žárský research groups) or Science (Ass. Prof. Zažímalová research group).

One of our main goals is to educate excellent specialists who will be able to succeed not only in The Czech Republic, but also in the worldwide stiff competition. The Department has got and further evolves numerous international bilateral research cooperations on the base of common grant projects and educational partnerships with important foreign institutions, i.e. University of Durham, UK (Ass. Prof. Cvrčková and Dr. Žárský research groups), Oregon State University (Dr. Žárský research group), John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK (Dr. Žárský research group), NASA (Ass. Prof. Albrechtová research group), State University of New S York (Dr. Votrubová and Dr. Soukup research groups), University of Freiburg (Prof. Opatrný research group), University of Karlsruhe (Prof. Opatrný research group), University of Strasbourg (Prof. Opatrný research group), University of Leicester (Dr. Honys and Dr. Čapková research groups), University of Maryland (Dr. Honys research group), University of Wageningen (Ass. Prof. Lipavská and Ass. Prof. Albrechtová research groups), University of Cardiff (Ass. Prof. Lipavská research group). We keep a close touch with the Institute of Experimental Botany, Institute of Botany or Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ISBE), also with Comenius University in Bratislava, Masaryk University in Brno and University of South Bohemia (USB) in České Budějovice. We do not neglect a cooperation with institutes of applied science such as VÚRV or Agritec Šumperk. 

From the point of view of education, the Department has got a long-lasting cooperation with e.g. Fulbright committee – after 2000, there were two guest Professors from the USA (Prof. B.N. Rock and Prof. W. Becker), Ass. Prof. Albrechtová was a guest professor at The University of New Hampshire, USA. Students and lecturers go for shorter and also longer research or study interships, for example thanks to the ERASMUS foundation. 

The Department of Experimental Plant Biology is open to new trends in experimental plant science and its students acquire an excellent qualification. The Department sets itself a target to prepare successful biologists for a career in science and on the other hand also good teachers. The Department is also involved in popularisation of science, which is crucial for the public acceptance of the science and for further development of the human civilization on Earth.

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