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Methodology and Technical Support

Dohasínání tryptofanové fluorescence


  • Common biochemical and molecular biology methods used for the experiments withmicroorganisms
  • Polarized fluorescence and time-resolved fluorescence measurements of membrane and proteins
  • Conductance characteristics of the membrane proteins in phospholipid bilayers with single- molecule resolution


Laboratory Equippment

  • Spectrofluorometer Jobin-Yvon FluoroMax3 with TCSPC module
  • Spectrofluorometer Beckman
  • 1D and 2D electrophoretic systems
  • Gradient PCR thermocycler
  • CDC biofilm reactor (BioSurface Technologies) for the continuous surface cultivation of bacteria
  • Orbital shakers for batch cultivation of bacteria (New Brunswick Scientific, Gallenkamp)
  • Heat sterilizers, laminar flow boxes, chemical fume hoods, thermostated baths including cooling systems, micro- and macrocentrifuges (Hettich), analytical balances, etc.

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