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Popular Science: Subglacial silicon as another player in global nutrient cycling

As recently published in Nature, methane released from subglacial meltwater is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. However, it is not only subglacial methane which is responsible for changes in greenhouse gas concentrations. The international team of scientists, in collaboration with three polar ecologists from the Department of Ecology, found that there is another important nutrient influencing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, fortunately by the utilization of carbon dioxide. The name of this player is Silicon.

Published Jan 10, 2020

How does climate affect plant traits?

Irena Šímová from the Department of Ecology of the Faculty of Science, Charles University, is one of two main authors of a study, in which scientists from a total of 23 workplaces across Europe and America participated. Its main objective was to find out what traits of woody and herbaceous plants on the American continent are affected by the climate. For the analysis, scientists used data in the BIEN and TRY databases. They contain extensive datasets on occurrences of plant species and plant traits. Woody plants have revealed a clear influence of the climate on individual traits. These two growth forms of plants - trees and herbs - seem to have different life strategies.

Published May 09, 2019

Popular Science: Is there a danger from arctic mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are known to be carriers of a wide spectrum of dangerous diseases. In this regard, tropical diseases, e.g. malaria, are the most well-known ones. However, we can also find some of them in the polar regions. A research team led by the Institute of Parasitology of Biology Centre CAS in České Budějovice focused on a survey of dangerous viruses in mosquitoes in the Arctic.

Published Mar 26, 2019

Popular Science: How to score an invasion?

There are already several documents listing the one hundred worst alien species in Europe and aiming at raising awareness of the biological invasions and their possible impact. However, an international team, including Professor Petr Pyšek from the Department of Ecology of the Faculty of Science, decided to create a first list based on objective, precisely-defined criteria scoring the plant and animal species with respect to their real potential to cause ecological and socioeconomic damage in Europe.

Published Mar 26, 2019

New bachelor and master thesis topics

If you are looking for the topic of your bachelor or master thesis, and you are interested in polar ecology, stream ecology or microbiology, please, do not hesitate to contact Tyler Kohler at our department.

Published Feb 10, 2018

We have new journal covers!

Agama shot on the cover of Zoologischer Anzeiger illustrates the research of three department members - Jan Ehl, Jasna Vukić and Lukáš Kratochvíl. Shot of the elephants by Petr Pokorný comes on the cover of the Global Ecology and Biogeography illustrating paper by Antonín Macháč, C.H. Graham and David Storch.

Published Jan 02, 2018

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