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ERASMUS at the Department of Ecology

For students

For teachers and researchers

ERASMUS bilateral agreements


The following information is primarily aimed to foreign students, who wish to spend some time (3 months to one year) studying or conducting research at our department, and come from European countries that are involved in the Erasmus programme (EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey). Students of the Charles University planning a stay abroad should refer to the Czech pages, or contact the department coordinator Adam Petrusek. If you come from a country not involved in Erasmus, try to seek support from various foundations, country-specific bilateral treaties, etc.

Do you want to visit our department?

We are happy to accept students to join our teams. For those interested in studying, however, it should be noted that most subjects in Prague are taught in Czech. Foreign students who do not speak Czech or similar Slavic languages can therefore hardly follow the lectures, and are limited to self-study and consultations. Those interested in joining our research projects and fluent in English should not encounter any significant language barrier. Advanced undergraduates and PhD students are more likely to benefit from a visit to our department than bachelor students. 

More information for incoming students is available at relevant webpages of the Charles University.


How to arrange the stay

If you study at the university with whom we have a bilateral agreement, arranging the stay should be a problem. Contact those with whom you would like to collaborate in Prague, and find out if the interest is mutual. If so, contact the Erasmus coordinator at your institution who should help you with processing the formalities. Your contact in Prague should be able to help you with planning the Learning Agreement.

If you are interested in visiting our department but your university does not have bilateral agreement with us, there are two options. First, another department in Prague may have already an agreement, in which case you should be able to benefit from it. If no such agreement is available but your interest in visiting Prague is strong (and you already received a positive response from a potential advisor at our department), contact the Erasmus coordinator at your institution as well as at our department. We should be able to arrange a new agreement.

Are you a researcher interested in sending a student to our department or in exchanges of students and staff?

Do not hesitate to contact members of our department with similar research interests. If they agree with collaboration, we should be able to arrange the bilateral agreement that suit the mutual interests. If agreed in advance, Erasmus bilateral agreement may support not only student exchanges but also short-term exchanges of teachers (giving lectures for local students) and staff-training visits (which do not have to include teaching).

ERASMUS bilateral agreements for the academic year 2010/2011

Universiteit Antwerpen – Belgium
Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6 – France
Université de Neuchâtel – Switzerland

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