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SEMINAR PROGRAMME winter term 2020/2021

***During this exceptional semester, most (or even all) seminars will be online, depending on the epidemiological situation. All departmental members will be informed by email. If not, do not hesitate to contact Robert Tropek (robert.tropek@gmail.com). ***


  • 6 October
    Opening of the winter semester: 
    information on courses etc., primarily (but not only) for MSc students
  • 13 October
    Štěpán Janeček 
    (Dept. Ecology, Charles Univ.) Plant-sunbird interactions on Mount Cameroon (with Dept. Botany, Krajinova lecture room)
  • 20 October
    I. Schneiderová 
    (Dept. Zoology, Charles Univ.): Calling bush babies: benefits of listening to galagos (with Dept. of Zoology, Velká zoologická lecture room)
  • 27 October
    Presentations of 1st year MSc students
  • 3 November
    Slavomír Finďo 
    (State Nature Conservancy, Slovakia) and Pavel Hulva (Dept. of Zoology, PřF UK) Cores, Corridors, Carnivores: spatial ecology of apex predators and rewilding in Central Europe (with Dept. of Zoology, Velká zoologická lecture room)
  • 10 November
    Petr Keil 
    (Czech Univ. of Life Sciences, Prague) Integrating patterns, trends, and predictors of biodiversity across spatial scales (with Dept. of Botany, Krajinova lecture room
  • 14–16 November
    Ph.D. conference in the Nečtiny Castle – presentations of 1st and 3rd years of Ph.D. students (organised by Michail Rovatsos)
  • 4 November
    (with Depts. of Zoology and Botany, Velká zoologická lecture room)
  • 1 December
    Andrea Lucky 
    (Univ. Florida, USA) Planet of the Ants: Combining genomics with public science to understand the world’s worst invasive species (with Dept. of Zoology, Velká zoologická lecture room)
  • 8 December
    Vladimír Remeš 
    (Dept. Ecology, Charles Univ.) Diversity, behavior, and coexistence of birds in Australia (with Dept. of Zoology, Velká zoologická lecture room)
  • 15 December
    Christmas trip of the Department of Ecology 
    (organised by MSc students)
  • 5 January
    Presentations of 2nd year MSc projects: poster session (organised by Adam Petrusek)

Programme of UNCE (November 24)

  • Tomáš Pánek (Dept. of Zoology): Adaptation of eukaryotes to low-oxygen environment
  • Martina Pichrtová (Dept. of Botany): Stress tolerance mechanisms of Arctic and Antarctic filamentous green algae (Zygnematophyceae)
  • Petra Frýdlová (Dept. of Zoology): Determinate growth is ancestral within Squamates
  • Daniel Souto Vilarós (Dept. of Ecology): Plant-pollinator mediated speciation: from extreme specialization to character divergence

Presentations of 1st year MSc students (October 27)

  • Anastasia Linyucheva: Factors determining spatial distribution of Minuartia smejkalii on different spatial scales (supervisor: Zuzana Münzbergová)
  • Kateřina Juhaňáková: Behaviour and electric activity of Gnathonemus petersii (supervisor: Petra Horká)
  • Jan Grünwald: Birds in urban environment (supervisor: Jiří Reif)
  • Eliška Kučerová: Birds in 3D space of the Žofínský prales primary forest (supervisor: David Hořák)
  • Tomáš Peš: Sex determination in the gecko genus Phelsuma (supervisor: Lukáš Kratochvíl
  • Lucie Pešová: Abundance and habitat preferences of reintroduced populations of Chazara briseis (supervisor: Ondřej Sedláček)
  • Kateřina Plasová: Diurnal patterns of activity of the invasive spiny-cheek crayfish in selected lentic waters (supervisor: Adam Petrusek)
  • Matěj Znamínko: Microbial assemblages associated with methane release from the Greenland ice sheet (supervisor: Marek Stibal)
Published: Oct 05, 2020 01:30 PM

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