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Laboratory of Protein Structure Analysis

Group leader: Mgr. Marian Novotný, Ph.D.

Our laboratory works in the field of structural bioinformatics. Namely, it deals with prediction of 3D structure of proteins and analysis of  3D structures in terms of their function and evolution.

We use homology modelling to predict  3D conformations of proteins of interest. The resulting models are used to estimate  properties and function of these proteins. Alternatively, we use the homology models for protein engeneering - to propose mutations that are either likely or unlikely to influence the stability and/or the function of the studied protein.


Recently, we work on two projects.

1) We are interested in mapping and importance of postranslational modifications for the regulation of typical adaptor domains.

2) We are very interested in defyining sequence and structural signitures of individual subfamilies of Ras GTPases.


Laboratoře: Viničná 7, 1. patro vlevo, č. dv. 142a, e-mail: marian@natur.cuni.cz


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Publications (2005-2013)

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