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Actual information from the Department of botany

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PhD Defence of Helena Bestová
Ph.D. position Cytogenomics of a Cape plant radiation – the role of whole genome duplication and transposable elements
A Ph.D. position is available in the research group of Dr. Roswitha Schmickl at the Department of Botany of Charles University in Prague.
V. Abraham: Revealing vegetation patterns by pollen analysis in Czech Republic
Pollen productivity, pollen source area and vegetation modelling
Master project on the microevolution of endosperm development
A Master project is available in the Plant Repro Evo lab to work on natural variation in endosperm development.
G. Florescu: Using fossil charcoal as a fire proxy
Benátská 2, experimental greenhouse Viničná 5 - electricity outage
Due to work on new animal keeping facility, there will be electricity power outage for Benátská 2 and Viničná 5 buildings.
Genomics of adaptation and speciation
MB120P165, 4 credits, summer semester 2018/2019. A new Master course joint between the Dept of Botany, Dept of Zoology and Centre for Theoretical Studies.
PhD defence of Lin Huang
M. Margold: Deglaciation of western Canada at the end of the last ice age in relation to the global sea level rise and the peopling of the Americas
Course of work with molecular data in R 2019
R is nowadays probably the most powerful tool for statistics of all types. There are plenty of modules available for work with molecular data. Those will be introduced during the course. Previous knowledge of R is useful, but not necessary. If there is at least one participant not speaking Czech, the course will be in English.
Course of work in Linux command line not only for MetaCentrum 2019
Don’t be afraid of command line! It is friendly and powerful tool. Practically identical is command line also in Apple osX, BSD and another UNIX-based systems, not only in Linux. Basic knowledge of Linux is not conditional. Course will be taught in Linux, but most of the point are applicable also for another UNIX systems like osX. Knowledge of Linux/UNIX is useful e.g. for working with molecular and another data. MetaCentrum is service provided by CESNET allowing access to huge computational capacity. If there is at least one participant not speaking Czech, the course will be in English.
Invitation to lesson Phylogenomics and Evolutionary Diversification of Legumes: more than just peas and beans
By Colin Hughes, University of Zurich.
Invitation to defense of Ph.D. thesis of Mgr. Diana Libeth Aparicio Vásquez
Evolutionary processes underlying plant diversification in the tropical Andean highlands
Molecular data analysis course
This autumn we will again open a course focused on analysis and interpretation of molecular data Advanced methods in DNA sequence and multilocus data analyses (MB120P143).
Invitation to defense of Ph.D. thesis of Mgr. Soňa Píšová
Homoploid hybrid speciation in closely related taxa of wetland plants
Invitation to defense of Ph.D. thesis of Mgr. Iveta Husáková
Species diversity, distribution and interspecific and intraspecific variation in performance of dry grassland species
Invitation to defense of Ph.D. thesis of Matthias Hartmann, M.Sc.
Geographical parthenogenesis: evolutionary and ecological significance of apomictic reproduction in vascular plants
Invitation to defense of Ph.D. thesis of Mgr. Ladislava Paštová
The role of hybridization in plant evolution - using different methods for detecting plants of hybrid origin in the Elytrigia repens - Elytrigia intermedia hybrid complex
Electricity blackout
Due to maintenance of distributor board, there will be short electricity blackout 9-10 AM August 29 2018.
Planned power failure
There will be revision of transformer station affecting also Benátská 2.

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