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Updated information about the organisation of the studies, March 25, 2020

Dear colleagues, 

dear students, 

after the meeting of the faculty crisis committee and the meetings of the rector’s board and dean’s board in relation to the current exceptional situation, we are sending you updated information on changes in the organisation of the studies in the summer semestre. The following measures can be modified according to the situation. We will inform you about all the changes in time. We also recommend you to follow the university and faculty websites: 



We believe that we can overcome the situation together. We would like to ensure you that we and the department of study affairs are ready to solve any specific situations that may occur to you in relation to the emergency measures. 

We thank you for your cooperation and we wish you especially good health, happiness and virus-less days! 

Best regards


Markéta Martínková a Pavel Chromý

Vice-Deans for Study Affairs


The Admission Procedure

The dates announced do not change for the moment. The applicants will receive an invitation stating that the dates are subject to change because of the current situation. The same information will be published on the faculty website. 


The organisation of the Studies at the Faculty of Science

The adjustment of the academic calendar 2019/2020 as announced in the Dean’s Measure will be done following a new measure issued by the Dean. 

To complete the courses, students have to follow instructions of their teachers. Such information is published in SIS (in course details) or sent via SIS. Direct teaching has been cancelled, but the classes continue in different forms (mostly via the internet). 

Recommendation: In SIS, it is necessary to provide instructions, but it is better to share study materials (especially big files, videos, audios, etc.) via Moodle, Google Drive, etc. Otherwise, SIS could collapse. 

When solving problems with not fulfilling study requirements, it will be probably taken into account whether the problem arose due to the emergency measures or due to student’s negligence (not following teacher’s instructions). 

The dates of controlling the study requirements (exam, course credits) and other dates will be adjusted after the emergency measures are finished (according to the situation). Students’ demands will be then assessed in line with these changes. 


Classes and courses in the summer semestre 2019/2020

The teaching period will be prolonged to June 30, 2020. The month of June will be used especially for work in the labs, practical tasks, courses and excursions. Current classes will not be taken again. The above mentioned courses can be, in case of capacity problems, scheduled also for July and September (the latest date is September 24, 2020). The courses are not cancelled. If needed, the teachers are recommended to (for instance) reduce the number of days of these courses and use alternative methods of distant teaching, self study or other solutions specific to each field. All the solutions should take into account the specific needs of the students and to provide them with the possibility to acquire at least minimal practical skills. Priority should be given to students who need to finish these courses in order to proceed to final exams, especially those who are about to submit their thesis in spring. 


Booking rooms via SIS: 

In accordance with the prolonging of the state of emergency, the schedule in SIS is blocked in the current state until June 30 in order to allow the classes to be finished. All the existing reservations have been kept. New reservations cannot be made. After the course credit week, the priority will be given to intensive courses, final exams, admission exams etc. Existing reservations that are not related to the studies will probably not be taken into account. Further changes will be announced according to the situation. 


Exam and exam period

Exams and other requirements can be done using distant methods. It is also possible to make exam dates for courses from the winter semestre 2019/2020. The summer exam period will be prolonged. It will be possible to have exams dates also in July and August, i.e. from July 1 to September 24, 2020. 


State final examinations and thesis defenses 

The dates (periods) of exams announced have not been changed for now. Changes that may occur in relation to the development of the situation and new dates will be announced after consultation with guarantors of study programmes at least one month in advance. The exact date will be announced at least one week before the exam. 

Students need to register for the final examinations and thesis defense via SIS regardless of the emergency situation. Electronic versions of theses are submitted via SIS (upload and confirm the submission). The system of the hard copy submission will be adjusted if needed (for instance, it is not possible to have a thesis printed and bound now).  

The rectorate of Charles University is working on changes of the procedures in case it is necessary to take the final examinations in a distant way (which is currently not possible). 

The period for final examinations in September will be decided by the programme guarantors by the deadline given (according to the academic calendar 2019/2020). 


Teaching practice of students 

For the students who have to take their practical teaching in the summer semestre 2019/2020, it will be taken into account whether they have provided any voluntary professional assistance at elementary schools and high schools (e.g. helping with distant methods of teaching). The evaluation of the practice is done by the teachers at the pedagogical departments and it needs to be done so the students can proceed to their final exams. 

Students of the courses of teaching practice will get information that they can offer their help to schools where they started their practice before the emergency measures. At the same time, teachers cooperating with the faculty will get information that they can ask for help of the students of pedagogy at the Faculty of Science. The coordination and communication in this regard is provided by the Department of Study Affairs (Jakub Jelen) after consultation with the teachers of pedagogy. 


Physical Education:

Physical education is organised by the Department of Physical Education which organises also the possibilities of fulfilling the requirements, also for the winter semestre. Summer courses are in preparation. 

Recommendation: Follow the information on the website of  the Department of Physical Education. Any problems should be discussed with the Head of the Department, Lukáš Frantál. 


State doctoral examinations and dissertation defenses

  • Doctoral exams and defenses are cancelled until the end of the emergency measures in April. New dates will be decided after the emergency measures are over or in the context of legal changes (distant form). 

  • The exam dates and defenses planned for May and June are not cancelled for now. New dates will be decided after the publication of rector’s measure and dean’s measure and after discussion of the guarantors, heads of committees and the vice-dean. 

  • Procedures started (applications submitted, committees prepared) are still on and the exams/defenses will be done when the emergency measures are over. 

  • Applications for the exams have to be sent electronically to the Department of Study Affairs. After these are received, the members of the department turn to the guarantors to decide on committees and dates. The dates should be in June, July or later. 

  • The Department of Study Affairs is accepting applications for thesis defenses, in the following ways: 

  • electronically by e-mail and by submitting the thesis in SIS (The electronic version must be identical to the hard copy therefore we do not have to worry that the hard copy brought later would be finished after the electronic submission.)

  • Upon making an appointment (by e-mail preferably), students can also submit their thesis in person. If it is not possible to bind the thesis (shops are closed), the hard copy shall be submitted at least 5 days prior to the defense, or in case of prolonged measures, prior to the graduation. 

If everything is alright (the requirements are completed, all the documents are handed in - scanned documents are accepted as well as e-mail correspondence, originals are substituted by electronic versions), the procedure is initiated and the defense date will be then decided upon common agreement and in advance. 



The bachelor and master graduations planned for April 24 2020 have been cancelled. A new date will be decided only after the emergency measures are over (it can be also in August). The making of diplomas is not interrupted as their are needed by the graduates. The faculties will get the diplomas and the supplements. If necessary, students can make an appointment by e-mail at the Department of Student Affairs and get their diplomas (without having to go to the Rectorate). Students will be entitled to come to the graduation even if they pick up their diploma in advance.


Published: Mar 25, 2020 01:00 PM

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