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Resolution of the Task Force of the Faculty of Science at Charles University of 16.3.2020

At its meeting on 16.3.2010, the Task Force of the Faculty of Science at Charles University adopted the following resolution:


1. The Task Force recommends that all employees of the faculty, in particular those aged 60 or over, work from home subject to agreement with the heads of the respective workplaces and in compliance with recommendation by the Government of the Czech Republic.

2.Heads of institutes and departments in the faculty shall ensure emergency operation at their workplaces, this also including working from home according to requirement.

3. The Dean’s Office departments shall ensure processing of any documents received via the post room (8 a.m. until 11 a.m.) or electronically. Office working hours at the individual departments are cancelled until further notice on preventative grounds (personal contact is undesirable at present).

4. Up-to-date information in English is available for foreign students and employees on the website of the Rectorate of Charles University including links to continuously updated sources (Government of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.): https://cuni.cz/UKEN-379.html?news=9601&locale=en.

5. Faculty buildings shall be closed until further notice to ensure control of entry by third parties. Entry to buildings will from now on only be possible via the smart chip system. Entry to faculty buildings by third parties without the presence of/without being accompanied by a faculty employee is prohibited.

6. Faculty management recommends using individual means of transport to travel to the faculty and would also like to inform employees that free parking in blue zones is now possible on a temporary basis. Faculty parking spaces will be operating without any restriction.

7. Whilst meeting their study obligations, students shall follow the instructions of the tutors which the teaching staff publishes or sends regarding individual subjects via SIS. Direct tuition has been cancelled, but tuition will be taking place in other ways (most often over the internet, etc.).

While resolving problems with failure to meet study obligations, consideration will probably be made as to whether the problem related to the impact of a force majeure (obstacles arising from any emergency measures imposed), or whether the reason for this was negligence on the part of the student (conduct at variance with the instructions of the teaching staff).

Deadlines for checks on meeting of study obligations (credits and examinations) as well as other deadlines shall be modified according to the situation after the emergency measures have been lifted and requests by students will be then judged in line with these changes.

8. Selected lecture rooms in each section will be modified for holding of lectures by YouTube to ensure the option of holding lectures with a large number of students and to ensure high-quality transmission. At this moment in time, the Levá rýsovna and Z1 lecture rooms in the Albertov 6 building have been modified to suit these requirements. Notification about provision of access to lecture rooms in the biology and chemistry sections will subsequently also be provided to teaching staff. It is recommended that lectures be given online via the Meet application or via Skype according to the valid timetable. Instructions for use of remote tools are available on the faculty website. (If records are made of lectures, the faculty shall support further use of materials for accreditation of distance learning courses once the emergency measures have been lifted.)

9. Scholarships shall be paid on the determined dates and students shall sign the necessary declarations once the emergency measures have been lifted. In the event of late submission of appeal against a decision on awarding of a scholarship, the issue of waiving missing of the deadline for submission of appeal shall be resolved in favour of the student.

10. Faculty management shall initiate deferral of the deadline for submission of proposals for Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) projects via a representative of Charles University in Research, Development and Innovation Council.


Prague, 16.3.2020                                                                    prof. RNDr. Jiří Zima, CSc.,                                                                                                                        dean

Published: Mar 16, 2020 04:30 PM

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