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The Archaeogenetic Lab

Laboratory of the archaeogenetic team is located at the Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and focuses primarily on the population history of Africa and Arabia. The main topics are evolution, migration of anatomically modern people, and consequent influence of subsistence strategies on the genetic structure and health of individual human populations. Basically, we try to explore genetic history of number of regions in the world, based on specific historical events. For example, it is widely known, that Holocene climatic changes and optimums, in addition to mutual migration, allowed also the expansion of new life strategies. One of the most important - Neolithic transition (transition to agricultural and sedentary lifestyles) has caused the fixation of newly emerging alleles that can be detected by genetic methods specialized in non-recombinant parts of the human genome, such as mitochondrial DNA or NRY, as well as specific nuclear markers.

The research of these genetic fingerprints (e.g. changes in enzymatic activities as a result of adaptation to agriculture in different regions of the world) spans the boundaries between traditional categories of scientific work in humanities and natural sciences. The overlap of elemental research of the genetic variability, which is conditioned by cultural and historical factors, continues to lead to promising research directions such as evolutionary medicine or pharmacogenetics, offering students new opportunities in multiple disciplines.

Lab Team

Head of the Lab:
prof. Mgr. Viktor Černý, Dr.

PhD students:
Mame Yoro Diallo, M.Sc. 
Mgr. Iva Kulichová
Mgr. Eliška Podgorná

Pregradual students:
Bc. Kristýna Adámková
Bc. Tereza Holoubková
Bc. Lívia Jurišová
Bc. Michaela Matějková
Bc. Jana Píchová


Mgr. Martina Čížková, Ph.D.
Mgr. Jana Nováčková, Ph.D. 
Mgr. Edita Priehodová, Ph.D.
Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

Selected publications

Kleisner, K., Pokorný, Š., Čížková, M., Froment, A., & Černý, V. (2019). Nomadic pastoralists and sedentary farmers of the Sahel/Savannah Belt of Africa in the light of geometric morphometrics based on facial portraits. American journal of physical anthropology169(4), 632-645.

Nováčková, J., Čížková, M., Mokhtar, M. G., Duda, P., Stenzl, V., Tříska, P., Hofmanová, Z., & Černý, V. (2020). Subsistence strategy was the main factor driving population differentiation in the bidirectional corridor of the African Sahel. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 171(3), 496–508.

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