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Nabídka diplomových prací na téma "Regulated protein degradation in cancer development and therapy"

Ústav molekulární genetiky AV ČR, v.v.i., Oddělení nádorové biologie

Two master's student positions are opening in the Laboratory of Cancer Biology, Institute of Molecular Genetics, Czech Academy of Sciences, under supervision of Lukáš Čermák, Ph.D.

The study aims to characterize novel substrates of Cullin-dependent ubiquitin ligases and the significance of their degradation in the context of cancer biology and development. The intended methodology includes classical biochemical and molecular biology approaches with the opportunity to learn advanced methods such as protein mass spectrometry analysis and CRISPR-mediated genome engineering. The project is supported by recently awarded grant from the Czech Health Research Council.

For more details and contact information see here

Publikováno: Neděle 02.10.2022 19:15

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