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Seminar on genomic imprinting and practical on allele-specific RNA-Seq analysis

Čas 05.06.2019
od 15:00 do 16:30
Místo B12, 1st mezzanine, Benátská 2
Kontaktní telefon +420774300495
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M. Hatorangan will visit my research group next week. As part of his stay, he will give a seminar on his previous work on genomic imprinting in Capsella species, where he will also talk about his current
projects as research director in a biotech company.

He will also teach a practical class on allele-specific expression from RNA-Seq data. This will be at the end of next week. If you are interested, reply to me to know precise date, time and place.

All the best,


Publikováno: Pátek 31.05.2019 12:50

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