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Island phylogeography course

Mario Mairal, a post-doc at our Department, is giving a two-day course on Island phylogeography.
Čas 11.12.2017
od 12:20 do 18:00
Místo Kolokvium (vedle vrátnice), Benátská 2
Kontaktní telefon +34686800115
Přiložený soubor: Flyer Island Phylogeography
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Patterns and processes that determine the origin and distribution of biodiversity have long attracted the attention of evolutionary biologist. This has been specially studied at the biogeographical level, making inter-specific inferences. However, the study of patterns and processes within genealogical lineages (intra-specific level), has been less studied. The discipline addressing these studies is phylogeography, considered a bridge between macroevolution and microevolution, thus connecting two traditionally separate fields of study: systematics and population genetics. For the study of spatio-temporal patterns that shape biodiversity islands systems are especially suitable because of their discrete geographical boundaries, providing exceptional opportunities for testing different hypotheses.

This course aims to be a brief introduction to the inference of phylogeographic patterns and processes within a framework of island biology.

The course will consist of two parts, i) a theoretical part, where the use of bio/phylogeography will be explained, showing examples of how phylogeography provides a strong background for testing evolutionary and ecological hypothesis, and ii) a second practical part where we will use empirical data to learn how to reconstruct ancestral areas, search for cradles and sources of genetic diversity (phylogeographic refuges) and infer spatio-temporal patterns within a Bayesian framework.

1st day 11/12/17 - Theory

We will address diversity patterns that attracted the attention of biogeographers and how they were solved with the advent of bio/philogeographic tools. Main topics will be:

  • Bio/phylogeography: bridging macro and microevolution
  • Biogeography disjunctions
  • Dispersal vs. vicariance: the colonization of Madagascar by mammals
  • Inter-continental disjunctions: bipolar distributions in vascular plants
  • Intra-continental disjunctions: The African Rand Flora pattern
  • Linking bio and phylogeography: the case of the genus Canarina
  • Phylogeography in oceanic islands and sky-slands.

2nd day 14/12/17 - Practice

Bring your computer to learn how to perform Ancestral reconstruction analyses using discrete phylogeography with BEAST 2.2x. Before coming you can install the programs that are detailed in the
introduction of tutorial.


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