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Endophytic lifestyle in Fungi: diversity, distribution and evolution 




Lukas Bell-Dereske, PhD

(Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences)


Fungal endophytes spend most, if not all, of their lifecycle within their host plant tissue and have effects on their host’s growth and defences against stress. Though these fungal symbionts have been found to have important roles in their host productivity, we are only beginning to understand their functional and taxonomic diversity. In my talk, I will highlight the importance of endophytes through a case study on the effects of a plant-leaf endophyte symbiosis on plant community interactions. I will then discuss the role of maternal and environmental transmission in the assembly of the leaf endophyte community. I will end my talk with a discussion of my work with Drs. Kohout and Baldrian to understand the global diversity and biogeography of fungal endophytes. 


CV of the lecturer HERE.

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