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Mgr. Matouš Glanc, PhD - Cell division orientation, TETRASPANINs, and the life of a postdoc

Cell division orientation, TETRASPANINs, and the life of a postdoc



Mgr. Matouš Glanc, PhD 

(VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology)


Link to the seminar: meet.google.com/szh-jzmg-hpx


Plant morphogenesis is governed by cell division and cell expansion. Unlike their animal counterparts, plant cells cannot migrate within tissues; consequently, the time and place at which a cell is formed becomes one of its defining features. When and in which direction to divide, and whether to partition cell contents between the daughters symmetrically or not, are thus some of the most important developmental decisions a plant cell must make during its lifespan. Nonetheless, how is the positioning of the division plane regulated on the cellular and molecular level remains a major unanswered question of plant cell and developmental biology. In the research group led by prof. Bert De Rybel in Ghent, we use the developing root vascular tissues of Arabidopsis seedlings as a model to unravel novel factors involved in the control of cell division orientation. I will present our progress in characterizing the TETRASPANIN family proteins, which we have identified as promising candidates using state-of-the-art single-cell transcriptomics.
Alongside our findings and the underlying concepts, I will share my views on some important practical aspects of making a living as an early career researcher in fundamental plant biology: How to turn an exciting biological question into a (potentially) successful research project? Why is international mobility so important and how to take part in it? Is work-life balance just a myth, or something that can be actively pursued and eventually achieved?
I am very excited and a little bit nervous to return to Viničná, and I am looking forward to a stimulating discussion!

CV of the speaker HERE.


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