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PIN2 - tossed and turned: Brassinosteroid signaling delimits root gravitropism via sorting of the Arabidopsis PIN2 auxin transporter



Dr.nat.techn. Katarzyna Retzer

(Institute of Experimental Botany of Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic,​ Laboratory of Hormonal Regulations in Plants)


Crosstalk between brassinolide and auxin signaling shapes plant development, and brassinolide signaling has been implicated in sorting and steady-state level control of root-specific PIN2. However, mechanisms orchestrating such post-transcriptional control and its significance for auxin transport remained obscure. By using a constitutively endocytosed allele of PIN2, we demonstrate that brassinolide modulates vacuolar degradation of PIN2, specifically in gravity-responding roots. Assessment of crosstalk between brassinolide and PIN2 sorting, together with modeling of auxin flow in gravistimulated roots, revealed a mechanism, by which brassinolide delimits root curvature via differential sorting of PIN2.

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