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Characterisation of novel transcriptional regulators of auxin biosynthesis for fruit and seed morphogenesis in Arabidopsis


Hélène Robert, Ph.D.

(Mendel Centre for Genomics and Proteomics of Plant Systems, CEITEC-MU, Brno)


The phytohormone auxin plays an important role in regulating many plant developmental aspects, including during reproduction and post-fertilization events. In our group we focus our research on gynoecium and early seed development. Local auxin production during the morphogenesis of these organs is instrumental and deduced from the expression pattern of the biosynthetic genes TAA1 and YUCCAs, appears to be tightly regulated. In our attempts of finding novel transcriptional factors that control the specific spatio-temporal expression pattern of those genes in Arabidopsis embryo and fruit development, we performed a yeast one-hybrid screen on TAA1 and YUCCA promoter fragments. We identified several potentially novel transcriptional regulators of auxin biosynthesis, among which members of the TF families known to play key roles in the development of female reproductive organs, establishment of floral asymmetry, lateral organ development, seed germination and gametophyte development. I will present our to-date advance in this research line.

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