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6. 12. 2016

Allergies – when the immune system runs wild



Univ.Doz. Dr. Ines Swoboda 

(FH Campus Wien)


Almost 30% of the population in industrialized countries suffer from allergies, which are caused by an overreaction of the immune system against per se harmless molecules, termed allergens. Allergies affect the quality of daily life, cause a high rate of hospitality admissions and can manifest themselves in serious, life-threatening forms requiring intensive care treatment of the patients.

But why and how do we get allergies? And against which substances can we be allergic? In my lecture I will talk about the pathomechanisms of allergic diseases and will introduce important allergen sources and allergenic molecules. Then I will explain how allergies are diagnosed and how they can be treated. Finally, I will also present some of our own research, which is focused on the development of new tools for better diagnosis and more successful therapy of allergic diseases.  



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