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15. 11. 2022

Plant biostimulants - the meeting of science and practice




Mgr. Jaroslav Nisler, Ph.D. et Ph.D.

(Isotope Laboratory, Institute of Experimental Botany)

Join us online: meet.google.com/qhf-etyu-sna

Plant biostimulants represent one of the strategies to increase plant production while maintaining or reducing costs. In this lecture, I will introduce plant biostimulants and outline the development and biological activity of the biostimulant - called MTU - that found its way from the Czech laboratory to the European market. MTU seems to have a very unique mode of action associated with enhanced stability and activity of Photosystem I. The MTU-treated plants thus show higher stress tolerance against heat, drought, and salinity as well as a longer lifetime in optimal conditions. Such delayed senescence allows the plants to maintain more chlorophyll, produce more assimilates, and uptake more nitrogen, which all contribute to higher seed yield and quality. Finally, MTU will be discussed from the point of view of ecology, economy, and social impact.

CV of the speaker HERE.

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