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Seminar: Roman Pleskot, PhD

Roman Pleskot, PhD - Spatio-temporal dynamics of cell plate development
Čas 08.03.2022
od 15:00 do 16:30
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Spatio-temporal dynamics of cell plate development



Roman Pleskot, PhD 

(Laboratory of Integrative Structural Biology, Institute of Experimental Botany, Prague, Czech Republic)


Link na připojení https://meet.google.com/pnt-nbuj-vwa


Cell division is an essential process for any living cell on Earth. Cell division is finalized by cytokinesis, which results in two daughter cells. Plant cytokinesis is fundamentally different from that of animal and fungal cells. Land plant cells evolved a unique membranous compartment, the cell plate. The cell plate grows in an inside-out manner by which it separates two daughter nuclei. Our laboratory uses cell plate development as a time axis to study the dynamic interplay between proteins, lipids and cell wall polysaccharides. We employ a multidisciplinary strategy combining experimental and computational approaches. We utilize methods of molecular biology, biochemistry and state-of-the-art microscopy. By combining the experimental techniques with the computational ones (structural bioinformatics, molecular dynamics) in an integrative fashion, we can obtain unprecedented details of cell plate development, leading to novel biological implications.

CV of the speaker HERE.



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