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Seminar: MSc. Tetiana Kalachova, PhD

MSc. Tetiana Kalachova, PhD - Pulling the strings: disruption of actin cytoskeleton as a local trigger of plant immunity
Čas 07.03.2023
od 15:00 do 16:30
Přiložený soubor: 2023_LS_seminar_03_Kalachova.pdf
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Pulling the strings: disruption of actin cytoskeleton as a local trigger of plant immunity




MSc. Tetiana Kalachova, PhD

(Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences)

Join us online: meet.google.com/qhf-etyu-sna

Actin cytoskeleton is a dynamic structure involved in all aspects of plant life, especially in response to the pathogen attack. Shortly after pathogen recognition, plant actin network gets reorganized, and the filament density increases near the contact site. On the contrary, some bacterial effectors target actin integrity causing filament depolymerization. 
Can the plants perceive that actin is being disrupted? If so, what is the mechanism, and how does it affect the final outcome of infection?
We aim to answer these questions combining pharmacological approach (cytoskeletal drugs) with physiological tests, transcriptome and hormonome profiling, and imaging. 
We recently found that chemical disruption of actin cytoskeleton results in several events similar to PAMP-triggered immunity, like accumulation of hormone salicylic acid (SA), peculiar pattern of callose deposition, and local induction of defence-related genes. In a short time frame, this was sufficient to enhance resistance to infection in various pathosystems. Now we are dissecting the mechanism of the information transfer about actin integrity status within plant tissues (symplast vs apoplast), and its role in launching and executing of defense responses.

CV of the speaker HERE.


Publikováno: Úterý 28.02.2023 17:10

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